Get full emergency repair protection for ALL your exterior and interior pipes.

The Regional Water Authority (RWA), a non-profit public corporation, provides low-cost emergency protection for the underground water, sewer and septic pipes in your yard, which are NOT covered by homeowners insurance. And now, we have expanded this important protection to include PipeSafe Home Plumbing Repair to provide the same peace of mind for in-home plumbing emergencies.

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Extremely affordable – 

plans available for as little as $7.65 per month!

  • Full emergency repair of exterior underground water and sewer/septic breaks, leaks and clogs
  • Full emergency repair of interior and wastewater pipe breaks, leaks and clogs*
  • Restoration of driveway, walkway and lawn in area of repair
  • A comprehensive audit of your interior plumbing system
  • Full emergency repair of all interior and wastewater pipe breaks, leaks and clogs*
  • 24/7/365 emergency service
  • Priority attention on service calls 
  • 20% discount on all non-covered plumbing needs when you use our authorized contractor

For only a few cents a day, you can be fully protected with PipeSafe Emergency Protection, both indoors and out.

Here is what our new expanded program provides:

*Protection includes repair of broken or leaking pipes up to and including the shut-off valve (no fixtures or appliances). Exclusions apply.

Don’t wait for an emergency to hit your home... enroll now!

Complete this form or call the Regional Water Authority at 203-562-4020 to enroll in PipeSafe Emergency Protection. After submitting this form, your protection plan request will be reviewed. Once approved, the service plan will be added to your water bill. All monthly plans include a $.50 service charge.* Plans limited to customers within our service territory. If your information changes, please notify us.

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* Connecticut sales tax and service charges may apply. See Terms and Conditions **Available only to residential customers with single-family homes. 

Note: PipeSafe Home Plumbing cannot be purchased separately.

I understand that, regardless of the payment frequency I select, my optional coverage is based on an annual contract and will be renewed annually on the same payment terms selected at the then-current renewal price.


Terms & Conditions and protection plan pricing subject to change.

Select the plan that is best for you