PipeSafe Water

If a breakage, leakage, or blockage occurs, you could find yourself paying thousands out of pocket (not to mention, things are going to get messy)! Unfortunately, your homeowner's insurance does not cover this. More importantly, it can happen at any moment, regardless of whether your home is new or old.

Backed by the Regional Water Authority, PipeSafe Emergency Protection is at your service, always.

Find out just how crucial, yet simple and affordable our protection is. Your home and your family will be glad you did.

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We coordinate all phases of work, including loaming and lawn reseeding, driveway repaving and sidewalk restoration in area of repair. *See Terms & Conditions


Quick, emergency response - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


PipeSafe is a prompt, guaranteed, professional, one-call service.


"PipeSafe is a lifesaver." - A. Greco, Orange
"They came as soon as I called..." - M. Hargrove, New Haven
"I could not have afforded the repairs otherwise." - S. Fournier, Cheshire

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Complete this form or call the Regional Water Authority at 203-562-4020 to subscribe to the programs. After submitting this form, your protection plan request will be reviewed. Once approved, the service plan will be added to your water bill. All quarterly plans include a $1.50 service charge. Plans limited to customers within our service territory. If information changes, please notify us.

Protection Plan Annual Quarterly
Emergency Water & Sewer/Septic Repair $139.80 $36.45
Emergency Water Repair $79.80 $21.45
Emergency Sewer/Septic Repair $60.00 $16.50

Type of Property:

* Plus CT Sales Tax; see Terms & Conditions
** Service will begin 30 days after request date; see Terms & Conditions
I understand that, regardless of the payment frequency I select, my optional coverage is based on an annual contract and will be renewed annually on the same payment terms selected at the then-current renewal price.
Terms & Conditions and protection plan pricing subject to change.